At Shipster we like to keep things super simple. We offer on-demand shipping solutions that save time, money and hassle. Shipster is:



Request a shipment and we'll pick it up anywhere



We only partner with the most reliable freelancers and service providers



Our algorithms and dispatchers find the best options for you



We save you the time, money and hassle of shipping. Send anything anywhere easily
Let us take care of your shipping needs, so you can focus on growing your business







We believe that when people connect, anything is possible. That's why we do what we do. Below are some of our frequent shipper programs that help businesses and people connect easier than ever

(1+ pick ups / month)

  • FREE On-demand pick ups
  • FREE professional packaging
  • Live tracking

(100+ pick ups / month)
  • FREE on-demand pick ups
  • FREE professional packaging
  • API integration
  • Advanced analytics
  • Live tracking
  • Prioritized support
  • Dedicated account manager
(25+ pick ups / month)

  • FREE on-demand pick ups
  • FREE professional packaging
  • Live tracking




The Best App for a Lazy Schlepper

Man Repeller - Amelia Diamond

Shipster - currently based out of New York - works much in the same way Uber does. Plug in your address and a messenger arrives to pick up or drop off. Of note: the pricing is always cheaper than if I'd taken a cab to and from the errand (because haha, no subways for this paycheck-shredding sloth). Here is where Uber differs until they invent black SUVs that can fly: Shipster will deliver your crap anywhere in the world. Immediately. Or as fast as humanly-plus-airplane-ly possible. I find that mind-boggling.


The most promising logistics startups

The Digital Blueprint - Jonathan Wichmann

The logistics business is not easy on the startups. It's regulated. It's hardware-driven (ships, rail, trucks, air). And there's a reluctancy among the big players to change their business models. In short: 1) the whole logistics business is still living in the past, both technology- and mindset-wise; 2) it's a very difficult arena to enter for startups; 3) once a few startups hit the nail on its head it's likely to cause a massive disruption in this space.


This On-Demand Delivery App Lets You Donate a Toy Just By Taking a Photo

ABC News | Good Morning America - Laura Molinari

In a city that never sleeps and certainly likes having items at their fingertips, there's one app called Shipster that is making giving back fun and simple this holiday season. Shipster, a New York City-based on-demand shipping company, covers Manhattan and Brooklyn, 24/7 and allows you to ship items anywhere in the world.


Leave It to Some New York Shipster to Deliver Your Package in 30 Minutes

AlleyWatch Interview

Shipster is quite simply the fastest way to ship anything, anywhere. And it's easy: you just take a picture of what you want to send, large or small, then tell Shipster where you want to send it. A Shipster will show up in minutes and you're done. You can even track your shipment while Shipster packs it and delivers it anywhere in the world.


The Elements of Elegance: What Makes Design 'Sophisticated'?

Mashable - Stephanie Walden

Shipster is a company that has mastered one of the key components of sophisticated design: Consistency. So what else goes into designing elegance? There are a number of elements designers must take into account when working with luxury brands, creating websites that exude modernity and building brand identities for high-end clients. We've talked to experts, artists and designers about the components of "sophisticated" design that separate magnificent from mediocre.


Shipster is Re-Imagining America’s Shipping Status Quo

Tech Cocktail - Will Schmidt

Shipster has taken it upon their shoulders to reimagine America’s shipping and delivery status quo. They leverage excess capacity of shipping and transport companies to create an algorithmic, cross-country shipping network. As it stands, most urban areas have several overlapping transportation systems: USPS, UPS, and FedEx operate over 350,000 combined vehicles. The redundancy here is that all of those vehicles run the same routes at less than full capacity, and Shipster is designed to eradicate wasteful shipping entirely.